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At the Fire

Created 12/09/2018 at 03:16PM

Episode 34: The Croke-Patterson Mansion

Jack’s back and this time he’s taking us inside one of the most infamous haunted houses in Colorado, the Croke-Patterson Mansion. This mansion’s original owner wouldn't even spend the first night after its construction. That didn't stop Jack and his friend from venturing in to shoot some footage for a school project. But don’t take our word for it, lend us your ears, At the Fire.

Music Credits
james p. funk 2 by Black Ant
Main Stem by U.S. Army Blues
Wormhole Gazz by Lee Rosevere
Sound Credits
Suspense Creepy Ominous Ambience by RaspberryTickle
Ball Hopping by RuonVNiekerk
Show Theme
33 music boxes by klankbeeld
scary-creaking-knocking-wood by MinigunFiend
whispers by thanvannispen
whisper trail by Black Boe
heart beat increasing by klankbeeld

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