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At the Fire

Created 11/11/2018 at 07:34PM

Episode 33: Freak Accidents

We all have an idea of how we expect to live our lives, what we plan on doing each day, and even anticipating what’s next. What we don’t ever think about are the random occurrences that throw our lives completely off course. Terry pulls up a seat to tell the story of the unlikely friend his son made while recovering from a traumatic car accident in the hospital and Bernice reminds us why sometimes you’re not so safe just watching movies at home. We’re talking freak accidents, ghosts, armchair chemistry, and more...At the Fire.

Contact Terry to discuss all things paranormal.

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EMDR by Lee Rosevere
American Coot by Chad Crouch
The Ambient Ukulele by Lee Rosevere
Headlights/Mountain Road by Blue Dot Sessions
slight of hand. by Ryan Little
B2 - 78 overdrive by SUMMER

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