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At the Fire

Created 09/03/2018 at 09:15AM

Episode 28: Stranger Danger, Part 2 - The People You Know

We encounter strangers on a daily basis. Sometimes you make a new friend, meet a new coworker, or you realize someone you've known all your life was really a stranger in disguise. We share two stories about the people we know who remained strangers since the day they entered our lives. First, we hear from guest storyteller Candice whose best friend turned out to be no friend at all. Jill shares an anonymous Redditor’s story about the time she realized her roommate’s boyfriend had hidden intentions. Always watch your back, At the Fire.

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Music Credits
Under Suspicion by Lee Rosevere
Phantoms by Three Chain Links
The Elevator Game by Daniel Birch
I Know What You Are by Alasdair Cooper
Interstellar Export by The Insider
Melancholy Tune by Rafael Archangel
Danger Drone by Daniel Birch
Thoughtful by Lee Rosevere

Show Theme
33 music boxes by klankbeeld
scary-creaking-knocking-wood by MinigunFiend
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whisper trail by Black Boe
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