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At the Fire

Created 08/19/2018 at 02:31PM

Episode 27: An Evening with Linda Godfrey and the Beast of Bray Road

Author and cryptid enthusiast, Linda Godfrey, joins us At the Fire to share tales of the Beast of Bray Road. We also get an exclusive look into a report Linda is researching that possibly involves some secret operations hidden beneath the Wisconsin earth. It’s all here and more, At the Fire.

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Music Credits
Linda Godfrey and the Beast of Bray Road
Magic Hour by Three Chain Links
Roundpine by Blue Dot Sessions
All the Answers by Lee Rosevere
Exclusive: Deep in the Wisconsin Woods
Stately Shadows by Blue Dot Sessions
Setting Pace by Blue Dot Sessions

Show Theme
33 music boxes by klankbeeld
scary-creaking-knocking-wood by MinigunFiend
whispers by thanvannispen
whisper trail by Black Boe
heart beat increasing by klankbeeld

Photo courtesy of Joshua Sortino on Unsplash