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At the Fire

Created 06/29/2018 at 04:00PM

Episode 24: The Fast But Mostly Furious

A car is more than a vehicle that takes you from one place to another. Every time you get behind the wheel, you’re putting your life and your passengers’ lives at risk. Do you ever think about the risks you’re taking outside of hitting a car, an animal, or even a person? What about other drivers with a serious case of road rage? What about stalkers that learn every unique detail of your custom ride? Sometimes it’s better to just brush it off and drive your standard minivan, slow and steady.

Stalked Because of My Custom Car by u/flarrowlover

Music Credits
Daniel's Road Rage Attack
Emo Step Show by The Custodian of Records
Run It by Ryan Little
Because (feat. lost-radio) by Helicalin
Stalked Because of My Custom Car
Lips by Plurabelle
New Lunacy by Safir Nou
Quiet Outro by ROZKOL

Show Theme
33 music boxes by klankbeeld
scary-creaking-knocking-wood by MinigunFiend
whispers by thanvannispen
whisper trail by Black Boe
heart beat increasing by klankbeeld

Photo courtesy of Daryan Shamkhali on Unsplash