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At the Fire

Created 04/22/2018 at 06:03PM

Episode 21: Cults - Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Usually when the topic of cults is brought up, we’re taking a look inside at the members, their practices, and their beliefs. While all of that can be, and often is, truly disturbing, we don’t get to hear much about the interactions we’re more likely to have with cults - when their world just barely grazes ours and they walk into our everyday lives.

Guest storyteller, Jack, joins us to share his experience with a cult living in his neighborhood growing up. We also share the story of one Redditor’s family stumbling into a possibly cult-run pair of bed & breakfasts.

All here, At the Fire.

Satan's B&B by u/sinenox

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Satan's B&B by u/sinenox
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