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At the Fire

Created 03/25/2018 at 08:41AM

Episode 19: Your Worst Nightmare

Every night you close your eyes, you risk wandering into a nightmare...but for some, these nightmares are a reality. We’re talking with listeners about their experiences with sleep paralysis and déjà vu. It’s all about nightmares At the Fire. Pull up a seat and drink lots of coffee, because you won’t want to fall asleep tonight.

The Cave by u/Just_another_gamer_

Music Credits
The Monster Under AJ's Bed
Flagstaff by C. Scott
Monster by Soft and Furious
Il y a un bout de ciel bleu by Monplaisir
Kat's Paralyzing Nightmare
Shadows by Three Chain Links
Chantiers Navals 412 by LJ Kruzer
The Cave by u/Just_another_gamer_
Sur Tout Le Retour by Monplaisir

Sound Credits
Girl_Scream.wav by tcrocker68
swosh-22.flac by qubodup

Show Theme
33 music boxes by klankbeeld
scary-creaking-knocking-wood by MinigunFiend
whispers by thanvannispen
whisper trail by Black Boe
heart beat increasing by klankbeeld

Photo courtesy of Lolo