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At the Fire

Created 01/27/2018 at 11:26PM

Episode 15: Spirits, Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Part 2 - Ghosts FO REAL

How would you like to spend your childhood getting tucked in every night by the woman who died in your closet? This episode, special guest storyteller, Corinne, joins us to share her experience growing up with a ghost! Co-host Jill reminisces about the time she lived in a haunted apartment and we share one Redditor’s battle with some unexplained activity inside their childhood bedroom.

Ghost in the Crawl Space by u/nocatsonmelmac

Music Credits
Union Square Ghost
Drop of Water In the Ocean by Broke For Free
Flagstaff by C. Scott
Ambient-M 2003 by Antony Raijekov
Awaken From A Nightmare by Silver Process
Corinne's Room
Cat Soup by johnny_ripper
Tech Toys by Lee Rosevere
Under Suspicion by Lee Rosevere
Illuminations (radio edit) by Lee Rosevere
Ghost in the Crawl Space
True by Nctrnm
5 Piece by Black Ant
Sound Credits
Wood Creak by TimPryor
01157 wooden floor crackling footsteps 2 by Robinhood76
Closing Door Sound Bit by chrisbrowne626

Show Theme
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Photo courtesy of Steinar Engeland