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At the Fire

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Growing up with a family who fostered a sense of curiosity when exploring the unknown, Jill was destined for an infatuation with all things creepy. More specifically, Jill and her dad have spent many summers exploring some of the most haunted locations in Michigan and have ventured across the country to stay in some of the most haunted hotels in existence.

Ben has always had a fascination with life's mysteries and the unknowable. He loves music from all genres and enjoys learning about the artists and their backstories. Also a lover of film, a typical movie night at his place might consist of watching an obscure, super strange horror film, or re-watching anything by David Lynch, just to "put something on."

And our Podcast was born...

After discovering the wonderful world of podcasts, Ben and Jill fused their passion for the strange, the paranormal, and all things weird with storytelling to bring you At the Fire. Inspired by their favorite shows, Ben and Jill hope that we can learn from each other's experiences and unravel some of this realm’s greatest mysteries.